Mobility Pack for CDC 5.5 Survey is Complete!

A big thanks to all of you who participated. You can view the results of the survey on our public wiki. The feedback received really helps us provide you with the features and documentation that make Mobility Pack for CDC a dynamic and user friendly tool for your development needs.

Thank you!
Mobility Pack team
June 2007

1. What devices are you targeting?
SymbianOS smartphones (Nokia Series 80/SonyEricsson UIQ)
Windows Mobile PDAs
Other mobile phones
Multi-Function Printers
Set-top boxes
Other, please specify:
2. How are you deploying your applications?
File copy (e.g. to SD card)
Http post
Other, please specify:
3. What "profiles" are you developing your applications for?
Foundation Profile
Personal Basis Profile
Personal Profile
Advanced Graphics and User Interface (JSR209)
Other, please specify (e.g. OCAP):
4. What features of the Mobility Pack for CDC are most useful for you?
Matisse support (GUI builder)
JUnit integration
Packaging, Signing and Deploying
Building, Running and Debugging
IDE integration
Other, please specify:
5. Which of the following would help you be more productive with Mobility Pack for CDC?
More features
More stability
Better UI and workflow
Please elaborate on your choice:
6. What additional features would help your CDC application development?
Please specify:
7. Is there a serious bug or UI flaw in the functionality that affects your daily work?
No, Mobility Pack for CDC suits my needs
Yes, please elaborate:
8. How did you hear about the Mobility Pack for CDC?
Other, please specify:
9. What areas of CDC development using the Mobility Pack for CDC would you most like to see discussed in articles and/or tutorials?
Please specify:
10. Would you use a localized version of this product if it existed?
Yes, which language(s)?

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About this Project

Mobility was started in November 2009, is owned by dstrupl, and has 40 members.
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