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NetBeans Mobility can be used to write, test, debug and deploy applications for Java Micro Edition (Java ME) platform enabled mobile and embedded devices. It supports the two base configurations of the Java ME platform:

  • Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC) for devices with less memory and processing power than CDC-based devices. The Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) is based on CLDC and more than a billion MIDP devices are available worldwide.
  • Connected Device Configuration (CDC) for devices with greater memory, processing power and network connectivity such as smart phones, set-top boxes, internet appliances, and embedded servers.

The Java distribution of the IDE is bundled with the Java ME SDK 3.0 which supports both CLDC/MIDP and CDC application development. The NetBeans Platform Manager makes it easy to integrate third-party emulators from Ricoh, Sony-Ericsson, Nokia and others to customize and expand your Java ME application testing environment.

Information for Java ME Developers Using the IDE to Create Applications

  • The NetBeans Java ME Features page has information about supported technologies for mobile application development and a link to download the latest version of the IDE.
  • The Mobile Applications Learning Trail has links to tutorials, demos and other resources for developers who want to learn how to use NetBeans Mobility for MIDP/CLDC and CDC application development.
  • Mobility Pack User Mailing List for asking questions and getting answers about using the IDE.
  • Report Bugs about performance issues and request enhancements in NetBeans Mobility.

Information for Developers Who Want to Contribute to the IDE

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About this Project

Mobility was started in November 2009, is owned by dstrupl, and has 41 members.
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